At Arcstar Inc. we believe that a good sound system can truly enhance your indoor and outdoor living environments, that’s why we take pride in being a Nuvo Technologies dealer. Nuvo brings you the design, elegance and functionality of whole house audio systems with easy to use touch interfaces, and a bevy of speakers, sound systems and receivers to choose from.

We have extensive experience with installing audio systems right into your house so that you can have all the music that you love always at your fingertips. We do all the wiring and installation work and give you easy to use remote access and built in wall panels like the one shown here. On top of that, our technician will show you how you can modify the settings yourself for features such as “auto shut off” or “party mode.” We can configure up to you eight zones and even install “sub-zones” where speakers can extend into different rooms or even outside on your patio. Our technicians will try and suit your every need.


We have solutions for older homes as well. When wiring a system can prove costly and expensive, Nuvo’s new line of Renovia systems allows us to use your  home’s existing electrical wires to allow for an affordable installation of a whole house audio system. Now anyone can enjoy the beauty and luxury of a whole house audio system without having to worry about time consuming and expensive wiring jobs and drywall tear downs!





We have many options, so give our consultants a call!