Indoor Lighting

Today, it’s the right thing to consider your energy use and the impact on mother earth, as well as your wallet.  You want to eliminate waste and save energy, without compromising your lifestyle.  Arcstar Inc. is a trusted Vantage dealer with over 10 years experience in lighting and home automation technologies. And with Vantage’s Energy Management Solution, it’s easy to do just that.ENERGY Management SOLUTION. With the award-winning Vantage Energy Management Solution you’ll get a powerful solution that gives you complete control over your home and a timely view of the energy it uses.

The centerpiece of this solution is a touchscreen-based energy dashboard that quantifies your energy usage and recommends custom strategies that will produce direct savings.  The power behind the solution is the InFusion Controller providing the homeowner with automation and control of all of their home systems. The Energy Management Solution from Vantage is the first energy management dashboard to allow you to see, in real-time, the actual amount of money being saved by employing these strategies.ENERGY Strategies. The Energy Management Solution allows Arcstar Inc. to help customize recommended strategies for your lifestyle.




Vantage lighting wiring

This is what a vantage lighting structured wiring job looks like.


You can select from up to eight options that may include:

  • • Occupancy-Based Control
  • • Vacancy-Based Control• Scheduled Control
  • • Load Shedding
  • • Daylighting Control
  • • Dimming Control
  • • Sensor Control
  • • Drapery and Shade Control
  • • Temperature Control


Homeowners who have the solution installed report a 20 percent decrease in lighting energy usage from dimming alone.  This decrease in usage could amount to an average of $600-$1,500 in savings annually.  Additionally, incandescent bulbs last 20 times longer if dimmed 50 percent, saving you money on light bulbs and waste in a landfill, and making the Energy Management Solution a compelling option for any energy-conscious consumer.To find out more about the Energy Management Solution please contact us for more details!